As a result of the spiritual drift of Niña Van den Bosch, Art Center HOres has expanded to become a mature gallery where both artists and spectators feel at home. The gallery has become a trusted location which welcomes those who wish to browse. Niña and her team welcome, supervise and support people in their appreciation of the artworks.

Art Center HOres is sending out an increasingly clear message. Enthusiasm, joy, positivity, wonder and a smile, combined with beauty, quality and the professionalism of the artists.

The number of artists at HOres is increasingly rapidly, meaning that new choices have to be made. As a consequence of our desire to offer all artists a permanent space, we needed additional room. This was resolved by means of opening a new location opposite the current gallery but we also went a step further: a new gallery MOdus 8 which represents magic, fantasy, humour and colour. A separation from the artists of HOres and several important newcomers. It is also worth noting that male artists are in the majority at MOdus 8. The interior and exterior also merge with the art. Uniquely designed furniture, lighting, carpets, curtains and much more. An acoustic hall downstairs for presentations and readings and, once again, a contemplative garden area.

Art Center HOres will thus take on a more feminine characteristic and become somewhat more classic. You will have come across the names who have determined the face of the gallery. Including sculptors such as Linde Ergo, Rietje Geurts and Gerda De Jonghe, Koen Soberon with his colour abstraction, and also Eléonore de Moffarts and Luo Li Rong. We find women as the theme in the works of painters Heinz Rabbow, Michel Flamme and Rik Van de Walle. And Corinne Boureau is a newcomer with her stunning, feminine frescos that enrich the gallery. Simonne De Visscher continues to exhibit her paintings with minerals at HOres. René Tavares is the man who forms the counterbalance, who shows off African culture in all its stunning colours.

As always, we will continue to make our visitors feel happy and ensure they take this feeling home with them too.